The Difference Between Concept and Theme

Concept is what brings the audience to a story. Theme is what they walk away with. I used to have a difficult time identifying the difference between writing terms like theme, concept, plot, structure, etc. And, to a large extent, there is crossover between them (which, I think, is part of the reason it can…

Writing Without Adjectives and Adverbs

Tips for using fewer words for greater impact I am not against adjectives or adverbs.  They can help emphasize a point.  Add cadence and flow.  Even create a poetic feel to dialogue and narrative. However, sometimes adjectives and adverbs can do the opposite.  They can bog a story down, hinder the flow of a sentence,…

Writing Tip: Cause and Effect

I find it incredibly helpful to ask myself: “What happens in this scene that causes the next scene to take place?” For me, this is a pretty quick way to figure out if the pacing of the story is as tight as it can be, and if the plot and characters are moving the story…

Happy New Year of Writing

Writing can be a slow process. And it can feel like the day-to-day progress is… well, not exactly much progress. But here we are, at the end of 2021. And I hope you can take a moment to reflect on your writing of the past year and find that progress has been made. Sometimes it’s…

Do You Care About Your Characters?

At one point in my writing journey I was working on a story and simply couldn’t get the plot to… well, work. My Mom made the comment that I had to get to the point where I loved my characters, wanted to spend time with them, and cared about them. I knew this, of course,…

Definition: Writing

I couldn’t resist 😉 Writing is tough. It sometimes helps to laugh at the process and know you’re not alone. by Ann Marie Williams © 2021

Writing Definition

by Ann Marie Williams © 2021 I couldn’t resist 😉 Writing is tough. It sometimes helps to laugh at the process and know you’re not alone.

Halloween Writing Prompt (repost)

by Ann Marie Williams Keep those creative juices flowing this Halloween! What if each group of costumes was a writing prompt?  What story could you conjure up in which those characters all come together?