Writing Takes Time

by Ann Marie Williams © 2021 Writing takes time. Simple, I know.  But I didn't realize I hadn't fully accepted this until last year when I quit agonizing over how long it was taking to fix aspects of my story.  Once I accepted that it would take a while, I started making breakthroughs far quicker … Continue reading Writing Takes Time

A Solution Exists

by Ann Marie Williams, © 2020 One of the biggest roadblocks to my writing doesn’t stem from plot holes, character arcs, or finding ways to hide exposition.  It’s that little voice that whispers, “There might not be a solution to this.”  I firmly believe there is a solution for every problem a story encounters.  That … Continue reading A Solution Exists


by Ann Marie Williams © 2020 If you write, you've likely heard terms like concept, plot, structure, formatting, and theme.  Each is important. Each is different from the other. But each also affects the other. The trouble is, there is little consistency in how these terms are defined.  Terms like plot and structure, for example, are often … Continue reading WRITING TIPS: CONCEPT, PLOT, STRUCTURE, FORMAT, THEME, part one