7 Top Screenwriting Competitions (and why they are worth your consideration)

by Ann Marie Williams

The people at The Script Lab recently asked me to write a guest post for them about some of the top screenwriting competitions and why they are worth a writer’s consideration for entry.

The post went live last week, and I’m delighted to share that post with you now!

To read, please visit The Script Lab’s blog here.

Thanks and have a lovely weekend!

Screenplay Competitions book front and back cover

Screenplay Competitions is available on eBay, Amazon, and direct from the publisher: Bluestocking Press.

Screenplay Competitions has received endorsements from Dave Trottier (author, The Screenwriter’s Bible, www.keepwriting.com), Professor Richard Walter (former Screenwriting Area Head, Associate and Interim Dean UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television), Matt Dy (former Director of Script Competitions at Austin Film Festival), Professor Harry M. Cheney (Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts), script editor Lucy V. Hay (www.bang2write.com) and Emmy-wining writer Ken Levine (Hollywood and Levine).