Dealing with Critiques and Rewrites: Try to Find Something Actionable in Every Critique You Receive

Except from Screenplay Competitions: Tools and Insights to Help You Choose the Best Screenwriting Contests for You and Your Script by Ann Marie Williams © 2019

It’s important to realize that you don’t have to take every suggestion from every critique you receive. However, if you find that you’re disregarding all your critiques, then it could be because you’re too resistant to hearing any criticism about your work. And while wanting to disregard all critiques is understandable, ignoring them without a valid story reason ultimately does not help your script or your screenwriting career.

To avoid that trap, in every critique I receive I try to find at least one suggestion for alteration that I agree with and can act on.

I make myself do this because it is too easy to disregard everything critics say and to slip into the attitude of, “Well, they just didn’t connect with my story,” or “They don’t know what they are talking about, anyway.” And maybe they didn’t and they don’t! But by challenging myself to find at least one thing to work with, I’m helping to ensure I honestly evaluate the critique and my script. Consider it an attitude self-test.

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