Competitions Referenced

Throughout Screenplay Competitions I reference ten different screenwriting contests (or contest organizations). As mentioned in the book, I chose these competitions to use for reference because:

  1. They provide an overview of the similarities and differences among competitions.
  2. Most of the competitions selected appear on several “top screenwriting competition” lists and are often perceived as some of the most reputable in the industry.
  3. I have entered my own scripts into at least one of the competitions offered by each of the referenced competition organizations.

What follows is the list of the competition organizations I included in Screenplay Competitions and links to their websites. However, just because I’ve included a competition in this list does not mean I think you should (or should not) enter that competitions. Nor does it mean that these are the only competitions worth entering. These competitions were selected for the reasons listed above. I’m including links here to make it easier for you to cross-reference the information they provide on their sites with the discussions in Screenplay Competitions.

•Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

•Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition

•BlueCat Screenplay Competition

•Final Draft®’s Big Break® Screenwriting Contest

•Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

•The Page International Screenwriting Awards



•Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition

•Sun Valley Film Festival High Scribe Screenplay Competition